Police Briefs


Campus Police were dispatched to the Carlsen Center on Sept. 30 when a student reported an assault. The victim stated that while walking to his car, the suspect started screaming and pushing him. The suspect claimed the victim was the cause for his eviction. The victim stated the suspect used to be his friend but started to harass him over the last year. The suspect threw a water bottle at the victim and missed. With another accomplice, the suspect punched the victim in the head; after which, they got into a vehicle and left. The victim did not sustain any visible harm and did not seek medical treatment. The investigation continues.


On Oct. 4, a college-owned iPad was reported stolen from OCB 157D to Campus Police. The device, valued at about $600, was in a packaged box and was left on a desk with the office door open at about 2:15 p.m. Upon returning at about 4:00 p.m., the iPad was missing. The victim attempted to ask others with adjoining offices to discover the location of the device, with no avail. The investigation continues.


Campus Police arrived in the Carlsen Center to receive information about a lewd behavior incident that occurred in the Billington Library Building. The reporting college faculty member stated he was about to step on to an elevator when he discovered a male and female engaged in sexual intercourse. The faculty member then instructed them to follow him. Upon nearing the second floor of the Carlsen Center, the couple ran down the stairs. Their names are not known, but they are assumed to be students at the college.

Compiled by Farhin Lilywala, news editor, flilywal@jccc.edu.

The Campus Ledger

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