Community college students: never underestimate us

By Farhin Lilywala

Okay. You caught me. I did not come to the college out of my own will. My financial situation kind of forced me in to it. I thought I was destined to do “bigger and better things,” attend a four-year university, get an internship right away, get an even better job after that. But here’s the thing: once I got here, I realized these things can still happen. My life is not over just because I attend a community college, and neither is yours.

As I walk around campus, I see many people that do not respect the college, their time here and, frankly, do not want to be here. Why?

Granted the college is not the most conventional method of schooling, but we are getting an education, knowledge that can never be taken away from us. Not only that, but by attending a community college, we pay less for the same prerequisites those attending bigger universities take. Therefore, after receiving our associates degrees, we will have gained the same knowledge and saved at least a few grand in tuition and fees alone. Sounds like a good deal to me.

We have no control over what already happened; the past is gone, and we cannot bring it back. The present is a gift, so why not be thankful and enjoy it? The future is yet to come and ours to have. We can still be the best doctors, engineers, lawyers, or even authors the world has ever seen, but only if we believe in ourselves. It is our job to prove those who underestimate us wrong, but only if we believe we can. The college is not our destiny; it is a rung in our ladder to success, a rung that we cannot skip, a rung that will be the foundation of every future endeavor, a rung that we need.

As Harvey Mackay said, “Nobody said it would be easy; they just promised it would be worth it.”

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