Police Briefs

Inappropriate sexual conduct 

Campus Police were dispatched to the commons building on Oct. 22, when a student reported a lewd behavior incident that occurred in the restaurant, Down Under. The reporting student stated she was sitting in the dining area when her attention was drawn to the suspect who was acting strange while staring at a blank wall. The victim said she observed the suspect pull his sweatpants up and look down into his crotch area several times. She said he then reached in with his hands and began touching himself inappropriately. The suspect said he was not aware anyone was watching him and he was embarrassed by the incident. The suspect is scheduled to appear in court soon.

MacBook theft 

On Oct. 28, two laptops were reported stolen from the JCCC Bookstore. The reporting party stated that at approximately 11:04 a.m., the bookstore received an order for four MacBook Pros and all four were secured in the electronics storage room. The reporting party then stated he became aware that two laptops were missing at approximately 5 p.m. None of the laptops were located. The investigation continues.

IPod theft 

Campus Police received information on Oct. 30 about an Apple iPod (valued at $200) that was stolen from the Food Court. The victim states he was playing chess, while his iPod was charging at 3 p.m. He left to get food and when he returned at approximately 3:30, the iPod was missing. The investigation is still currently open.

Compiled by Farhin Lilywala, news editor, flilywal@jccc.edu.

The Campus Ledger

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