Softball Coaches Gearing Up for Another Season at GPC

By Farhin Lilywala

Swimming, softball, basketball, lacrosse, and basically any other sports team have one thing in common: These teams would not exist without their coaches.  A coach is a vital aspect to the team; this individual is responsible for holding the team together and pushing it to fulfill its full potential.  This year, the college’s softball team has two coaches. Kenneth Deyton is the head softball coach, and Kimberly Hobbs is the pitching coach. Together, they hope to bring home the championship trophy again.

The Collegian: What are you looking forward to most this season?

Coach Deyton: Having 9 returning players from last season’s championship team.

The C: Who are some players we need to look out for?

CD: Lyndsey Parden last year’s GCAA regional championship MVP pitcher, Abby Hulsey returns with a big bat, and incoming freshman Morgan Howard will be an all-region candidate.

The C: What is your favorite part about coaching?

CD: Seeing the players successful in life several years after they graduate.

The C: What are some of the biggest challenges you will have to overcome this season?

CD: Our strength of schedule. We will face many nationally ranked programs this year. But I feel like we are one as well.

The C: What exercises does the team do to prepare for each game?

CD: We have a very good strength and conditioning program that our players participate in on a weekly basis.

The C: What are your goals for this season?

CD: Our team goal is to be the best person we can be EVERYDAY. We feel like a true champion has great character.

The C: Any other comments about your team?

CD: These ladies work very hard on the field, but they are even better in the classroom. I am privileged to spend every day with exceptional people like them.

The Collegian

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