College Supply List

By Farhin Lilywala

Every year since kindergarten, we received a school supply list. We could drive over to the nearest Walmart, buy the necessary items, and feel prepared for the first day of school. When we get to college, however, we are expected to know what we need and what we do not need. Although most professors have their own requirements, here are some supplies that you will need across the board:

Pens: While pencils are great for language and math classes, pens are the preferable choice of writing utensil for most professors. Pens, especially black pens, create a more finite look on paper, as opposed to the many eraser marks otherwise on paper. Pencils are more useful for taking tests on scantrons (which can be bought in the bookstore).

Spiral notebooks: Buying reams of paper and keeping up with loose sheets can be a hassle. With a spiral notebook, all of your papers are in one place. Therefore, you are more organized, and your notes are in chronological order. Also, most spiral notebooks have pockets to keep loose papers your professor passes out. If the papers do not fit in the pockets, then you can buy a folder to keep the singular papers in.

Sticky notes: No matter which subject you take, you will need to take notes and mark certain important things; sticky notes allow you to do so. Also, sticky notes serve as reminders for important deadlines.

Highlighters: In at least one of your classes, you will more than likely need to mark something important in your book. Highlighters let you mark and color-code these important facts.

Hopefully, this list gives you a better idea of what you need for college. Oh, and remember that you are at GPC to gain knowledge. So, go out, and find knowledge under every rock and every leaf. School, no matter what the grade, is to know as much as we can about the world so that we may make informed decisions and develop sound opinions.

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