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(Ferguson, Mo.)- What really happened? Here are six things to know about Ferguson:

1. Michael Brown, 18, and his friend, Dorian Johson, 22, were walking down the street, and a police officer confronted them for walking on the street.

2. There was some sort of a struggle between Brown and police officer Darren Wilson through Wilson’s car window.

3. Brown was not armed. This is confirmed by all parties, according to major news outlets.

4. Brown was shot at least six times, according to autopsy reports, twice in the head.

5. Brown was allegedly a prime suspect in a convenience store robbery that occurred the day of his death. A store surveillance tape shows Brown to be the robber. Also, according to Benjamin Crump, the Brown family lawyer, the man in the video appears to be Brown.

6.The police took six days to publicly identify Wilson as the officer who killed Brown.

(Syria)- Journalist Peter Theo Curits, 45, is said to have been kidnapped by the al-Nusra Font, a Syrian group with ties to al-Qaeda, in October 2012. He was released on Sunday, Aug. 24. Curits was moved to the U.N. in Golan Heights. Doctors conducted a check-up on him to ensure there was nothing physically wrong. He is expected to reunite with his family soon.

(Liberia)- Ebola is known as one of the deadliest dieseases to contract. The disease is extremely fatal and has no cure. In Liberia, the doctor who contracted the virus and was given a hopeful experimental drug has died. This is considered to be the deadliest outbreak of the Ebola virus in history.

Ebola first broke out in Guinea in March. It was not considered a matter of the highest priority at the time, because there were very few cases. After that, 909 confirmed cases and perhaps another 414 cases are thought to be in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria.

Some 729 people of the 1,323 total confirmed and possible infections have died, reports World Health Organization as of July 27.

Compiled by Farhin Lilywala, editor-in-chief. Source: CNN.

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