It seems almost redundant now to say: prayers for [insert city/country/world here].

It’s been an interesting week with the midterms elections, the constant existence of politics and to boot, a shooting late last night at a bar in California.

I have a friend visiting LA. I have friends who come from LA. I heard later in the day after emerging from a pile of work.

My brain wasn’t sure what to process first: “who’s hurt?” “do I know anyone?” “are my friends and their families okay?” “who was the shooter?” “how many shootings will it take before we realize that there is a gun violence problem in this country?”

To top it all off, I had just seen this video last night about a woman who effectively prevented a mass shooting.

Here’s the bottom line for me: something is broken about the way this country approaches gun laws and access to guns.

The only thing I can say is please never take anyone you know for granted. Thankful for the people in my life and who actively try to be in my life.


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