Maybe it’s the New Year, new decade, whatever, but I’ve been thinking a lot about time. For example, is life short or long?

I begin by thinking that life is short, so we have to do things immediately. Time is fleeting and if you think about it in the esoteric sense, then this life is shorter compared to whatever comes after, right? So we should do what we want when we want, say what we feel as we feel it to whomever we feel it towards. Because no one’s seen tomorrow?

But then I think that time is a concept that we humans created. People often say: “We’re getting so old” or “We’re too old for this.”

We, as a society, determined when certain things were acceptable. We have to graduate by a certain age, be financially stable by a certain age, married at a certain age. Why should we limit ourselves to our age or define ourselves based on our age?

But what about the concept that things happen in their time? What’s for you shall not pass you, right? So that would mean that life is long–the events in our lives are taking the time that they’re supposed to.

Can all of these thoughts be true? I guess, only time will tell…


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