The older I get, the more I think about priorities and the act of prioritizing various aspects of your life. In my personal life, I’ve always placed others ahead of me: what they need, what they want and what works best for them and I adjust accordingly.

Then, slowly I began to get closer to a 60-40 ratio. Those I cared about still took precedence, but I was working on getting to that equal stature. I don’t know if I’ll ever get there.

What I struggle with is when the people that I make a priority don’t do the same for me. I’ve realized that it’s mostly my fault for letting it get to that level. Besides, I can’t control them anyways. I don’t have to allow myself to feel like an option – one that’s taken for granted at that.

I’m still learning.

When I faced this situation a few years ago, it took me a long time to crawl out of that hole. But I’m in a better place now. I can do this. I can put myself first.


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