It’s so loud in your head
With words you’ve never said
Words filled with anger and pain
Pushed down so you can breathe in
You tell me you’re fine
Every time I ask
I give you your space
Even though I see through the mask
I’m here, I say, always
Always, always
I can say it until I’m blue in the face
I know that you know but
I know that you don’t believe me
Because they never stay
Not in the way they say they will
They always just walk away
The ones who were supposed to love you
Never did and for you, never will
Waiting for those words
Those words in your head still
If you only brought those words to your lips
Maybe the next breath you breathe in
Won’t be so hard, won’t take so long
Won’t leave you feeling like something’s wrong
I’m still here…always
But it’s so loud in your head
With words you’ve never said

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