Post-show blues

Post-show blues are real, very real. My community theater group just finished our performance of Pippin, and it was one of the most incredible experiences. To be a part of something so fun and special and to perform with a group of people that were just so positive was awe-inspiring.

Theater is one of those things that it exists and it’s very real, but all of sudden, it’s gone and you can never re-create it just like that.

I wish I could explain just how much this show and this community means to me. There just isn’t a combination of 26 letters that would truly describe how loved, special, worthy and amazing this group of people makes me feel.

It’s weird though. Now that the show’s over, there’s a void of that positivity and I find myself questioning other things and decisions in my life. Things affect me more, even if it’s the smallest thing, which is absolutely insane.

Thankfully, I see these humans all the time and I’ll get my dose soon. Until then, I’ll be angsty and find ~simple joys~ to make me smile.


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